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Chehal Pehal Wedding Planners in delhi, India based Wedding Planners, Organisers & Theme Decorators Company. offers all kind of Wedding Services. Best Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR. From finding the perfect venue to selecting the precise florist, setting up your dream wedding is no piece of cake. Gone are the days when weddings were same boring and old fashioned.

A wedding is a creation of a new era in lives of two individuals who will walk as one. The loved ones unite to shower blessings on newlyweds. It’s a day for celebration and everlasting happiness and moments for a lifetime to cherish.

No matter what size your event may be, will organize your entire event down to every last minute detail. Although, this carnival has a lot of stress involvement-this is where CHEHALPEHAL walks in as your personal Wedding Planner to supervise and execute your wedding style.



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Food and Beverage

From the pioneering concepts in dining to bringing the most inventive recipes on table, there is so much that we will help you with. We ensure that your dining themes are nothing usual.

Our catering services are provided in a mixture of diverse taste and flavors of the wedding. We take a step further and make sure these delicious cuisines are served to you in the most elite style. We also ensure the supply of sterile provisions and also our chefs are tremendously talented and inventive to add a new zest to the occasion. The units are modified according to our clientele necessity.

Also , you can choose from a range of diverse bars to suit your taste. Our liquor partners will keep everyone in high spirits.

We know when it’s about food; you can’t dishearten your guests. We bring you the finest catering service at your doorway at the best prices.



Make your grand day amazing with exclusive ideas and wedding favors and decorations. We offer personalized favors to go with any theme.



Wedding Design

When you don’t know where to start or what you even want, a wedding designer is the answer. Just as your wedding needs to be planned, so does your decor need to be conceptualized. How else will you pair down, build a solid cohesive look and bring your never ending pinterest board of inspiration to life?

Through inspiration of your story and life, we’ll help enhance, sort and translate your ideas in a reality, threading your event with personality and sophistication. So when guests arrive, they’ll be wowed by the reflection it is of your two hearts.

From initial theme conception to design of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, well develop visuals for your viewing and book the vendors needed to make your design dream happen. For chehalpehal, this includes design consulting, story board assembly, floor plan creation, sourcing and securing of your decor related vendors, such as, florist, cake designer, stationery, decor and venue rentals.

In a nut shell, design is the brain of the fluff for your event.


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